Being in Business is like looking after a cow!

by JP on October 3, 2013

“New Business needs to be the focus JP”, a friend and colleague recently said to me, “this is how the business will find new markets, increase sales & bring new clients on board”.

“It’s like looking after a cow then”, I replied! Let me explain further…

Daisy arrives on the farm, she’s young and new to the scene, looking for some reassurance. This farm is a 5 star farm, on arrival she checks in, the farmer takes down her details, and provides her with her own identity tag, already Daisy is starting to feel welcome and comfortable in her surroundings. For the first 100 days, Daisy continues to settle in as the farmer and his team provide Daisy with high quality food and lodgings, this all makes Daisy want to stay. Throughout Daisy’s stay she continues to produce more and more milk, as the farmer constantly monitors her progress and checks on her wellbeing.

As time goes on and Daisy starts to age, her diet begins to change, and she starts to need more attention in particular areas, but as the farmer has continued to monitor her and record her changes, he now knows what is best for Daisy…and for all of his guests! The knowledge he has learnt helps him to know what characteristics make the best guests, and which are welcome in his 5 star hotel.

This farmer knows it is more productive to have 50 happy milking cows, rather than a herd of 100, where at any given time 80 are moaning and only 20 are happy.

“So I’m the farmer and Daisy is my client?” enquired my intrigued colleague, he nodded wisely at me as I then continued our conversation. “How many customers do you have? How many projects are you managing? What 20% of your clientele are providing you with 80% of your profit? And…what 20% are taking up 80% of your time?”

If we simply invest time and effort into our clients then we will reap the rewards. So when was the last time you had a conversation with your clients? Or with their customers? I am not talking about communicating via email, Facebook, or Twitter, I mean a good old fashioned phone call or even better, a face to face discussion.

Go on, pick up the phone and chew the cud…

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