Beauty Parade

by JP on May 24, 2014

Definition of a beauty parade – a situation in which several organisations compete in order to persuade another organisation to use their services. If that is the case then I had the pleasure of attending a beauty parade this week…’Grassland & Muck 2014’. Not a bikini clad woman, a rippling torso or a cow to be seen! Just rows and rows of machinery, all the different types of agricultural machinery you could imagine, hundreds of shapes and sizes in a rainbow of vibrant colours all to help catch the consumers eye.

These organisations that are displaying the goods in a bid to win your favour have put hours, weeks and months of preparation into how they can market their product to you. Solutions and products as far as the eye can see!

Every 2 years I attend ‘Grassland & Muck’, it’s a great show and always worth a visit. This year as I wandered around in awe I started to think if all the visitors appreciated the effort that goes into preparing a show like this. Ultimately all this effort has been made for the farmers benefit, because the exhibitors feel that their product(s) will support the farmers business in either output, efficiency or both and therefore profitability. Whilst at the same time making you feel confident that you made the right purchasing decision for your business.

In some respects, as you walk down the fresh meat aisles of the supermarkets you are purchasing from a beauty parade. You are given the choices of which cut of meat you want to purchase, which country they originated from, how they were reared, some even have pictures of the famer on the packaging. It all contributes towards the emotions with which we purchase, whether it is 8 sausages or a new manure spreader.

It’s all intertwined, from the farmer that rears his cattle to the best of his ability to the organisation that intends to provide a product to enhance the rearing of that animal.
I was greatly saddened, along with much of the population, after witnessing the below clip that David Barton bravely put out there via social media.

Here’s a man who on a daily basis proudly viewed the beauty parade that he had personally put on, he’d reared his animals to his own high standards, ready for the consumers to sample and enjoy.

As I watched it with my 2 young children, my son turned and asked “Dad, why did they have to kill the bull?”, I must admit I struggled to answer especially as I know my own Dad would feel the same way if he lost his prize bull to TB.

Click here to see the clip

Sadly, sometimes the beauty parades don’t leave you with a warm glow on the inside.

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