Milk from the future…

by JP on June 13, 2014

A couple of days ago I was fortunate enough to go and visit a farm just off the A14 in Kettering with Bernadette and Nigel Kirk of Lely Center Brinsley/Stonehouse. I’ve visited many farms in my 35 years but on this day I was there to witness a farm gearing itself up to become an automated farm! Not only were they installing Lely milking robots, these cows were also going to be fed by the Lely Vector robot.

The farm owner and his three sons proudly explained to me that the plan for this family run farm was for it simply to be a one man unit. The key to this being successful as a one man operation was that both the feeding and milking were to be done robotically.

I have to say it was superb to see firsthand the labour of love that had gone into putting up these new buildings which would now become a home to the new herd, but it was also fantastic as you climbed up the stairs to reach the office and experience the beautiful 200 degree view of the cows and the cubicles. As I stood there and took it all in I couldn’t help but wonder if this is the future!

Is the future robotic feeding? For both animals and humans! We are all aware that obesity is a global problem so maybe we would all be better off if we were being fed robotically. Our portions could be rationed, our intolerances catered for etc etc It seems to me that technology is moving faster at feeding cows than feeding humans!

Could it be that maybe Wallace and Gromit had the right idea all along!

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