The first blog!

by JP on May 16, 2011

So the first blog … millions of people have gone before me and there will be plenty that will be attempting a start at their first blog the same time as myself.

The idea for this blog is to give a flavour of what I see happening in the Agri-business world from my view point.

Along my journey so far I have experienced agriculture from all angles on the farm, from agricultural college to the feed industry, to the retail sector, to agricultural equipment and finally agricultural marketing. I feel all of this gives me a unique perspective on how the different sectors think and operate.

I have always loved communicating with people, especially face to face and by phone, but it has been fascinating to watch how social media is changing agriculture.

But in essence the one thing that is common in all is communication and the relationships we build.

So for me this blog is the start of a new phase of communication in my life, who knows where it will take me, but I feel the mission is to get more people in the Agricultural industry moo-ing (blogging) and baa-ing (tweeting) more and creating new relationships with the wider consumer.

Love to hear all your comments …

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