Grass, grass and more grass

by JP on May 20, 2011

It has been a really interesting week so far and it is only Friday as I write,  I seem to have spent the week talking to people who were extolling the virtues of getting the best out of grass or forages in general.

Does this mean we are going back to basics ? A friend of mine in Cornwall who is a nutritionist says he has gone back to reading a book published in the 40′s all about getting the best out of your grass and making good quality forage.  It’s amazing how things go around in circles.

So it was very apt timing for the Grass and Muck event in Stoneleigh this week. I now know that there are a number of solutions for a farmer in aiding his grass based farming systems from cow genetics, seed varieties, speciality fertilisers, slurry inoculants, specialist methods of grassing sowing, silage additives, silage advice … the list is endless. To be fair to all the manufacturers a lot of their stories made sense.

This got me thinking with the weather being the driest they say for 30 yrs (can’t remember the last one as I was a baby) is this going to make it even more important for all farmers to be provided with the best information on managing grass and forage for the coming months as it looks like it will be a long winter with costly feed prices. Where do they go for the ultimate information ? Or more importantly where do they start ? The Cow ? The Field ? The Contractor ?

While I travel on the plane on Saturday to Kentucky to the I shall be pondering is Grass back in fashion … or did it never go away it just needed a bit of rebranding (Aviva?) and higher cereal prices!!! As far as my nutritionist friend is concerned, it has always been the fashion.

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