The Game Changers

by JP on May 26, 2011

It’s been a busy few days in Kentucky! I had the pleasure of soaking up the thoughts, ideas and current thinking by some leaders in their field at the For me I like to get to these type of events as it gives you a sense of what people in other parts of the world are thinking and working on (2,300 people from 73 countries attended).

The theme was ‘The Game Changers’ and I was struggling to relate to it somewhat until seeing the Heineken cup final between Leinster and Northampton. Let me explain, at half time Northampton are winning 22-6 and its looking grim for the boys in blue. But what happens in the dressing room at half time is a game changer, someone steps up and says guys we can do this, we have the ability, talent and we know we can win. Jonathan Sexton from Leinster was the man, he stood up and led his team in a rallying call and delivered a man of the match performance for Leinster to win.

Not so different from what Dr Pearse Lyons and his team at Alltech have done over the last few days. They have put the call out to the whole agri industry to become game changers on how we feed our growing population in harmony with the planet. I was lucky to hear people speak who are being game changers right now in their lives and business.

Ronan Tynan and Troy Hadrick told inspiring stories aswell as many others. Ronan spoke about overcoming adversity when losing his legs at 19, Troy by standing up for his beliefs and taking action. But what was really great was the sense of excitement about our industry again and how companies are adapting and changing to meet the needs and demands of consumers and the planet.

Like how KFC is opening a new store every 18hrs in China. Just thinking about the logistics is amazing, the training of staff, the feed needed for chickens, the chicks alone (!!!). This is all to meet the customers demands and all being driven by one man, Sam Su another game changer.

So where will the next game changers in the Agri industry come from? Nutrigenomics? Algae? Social media? Only time will tell.

I am sure we all have had points in our life when we did something that was game changing in work or at home. Making the decision to go was game changing for me…

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