Are you using social media to tell your story?

by JP on June 3, 2011

“Don’t let someone else tell your story for you”

Yes re-read the words again. Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it ?

But yet how many times as an industry have we let other people tell our story about how we farm, how the food we eat is produced, the welfare of our animals, and the stories behind the people who work on the farms?

It seems we are afraid of actually telling our story, but why is this? Has agriculture always been a poor marketeer? Or are our producers fulfilled with thoughts of “I just grow the crops or milk the cows”. Is this why we have the likes of the NFU, RABDF , NBA, DairyCo and specialist magazines to help support us in telling our own story about the farming industry to the wider community?

Troy and Stacy Hadrick are an inspiration by telling us there own story and the effect it is having, take a look at

Have we now reached the stage with the dawn of social media in the agricultural community that we need to embrace telling our own story.

Imagine if DairyCo gave every single dairy farmer a smart phone and part of the milk contract was aligned to embracing social media on a daily basis. 14,000 farmers tweeting about what’s going on down on the farm. How powerful would that be? Then if they were supported by the wider industry, the consumers could go and ask farmers direct facts. It could be ‘Ask a Farmer Friday’ or ‘Follow your local farmer’.

Even better what about supporting each other? So farmers twitter amongst themselves, even set up grass or nutrition discussion groups, they would then not need to leave the farm.

Imagine the Monday morning ‘Tweetgrass’ walk, taking tweet pics and making comments on each others grass cover & quality, plus offering free peer advice. Surely this would make a step change in improving efficiency on farm and potentially save a fortune spent on levy bodies. More to the point people would start telling their story? How would you tell your story?

Is someone else telling your story for you…?

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